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  • 26,00 

    Starting from the base of our KDLSO vermouth, and aged 12 months in new American oak barrels, its aromas have become even more complex by adding toasted and vanilla notes. Its palate has become velvety, maintaining its power and fine bitterness.

    Perfect for marinating with aperitifs.

  • 11,90 

    PK-3 – Red wine 6 months in barrels

    Red colour with violet hues, it expresses its freshness with an intense aroma of red and black wild fruits (blackberries, currants, raspberries) that combines perfectly with hints of aromatic herbs. The balanced acidity provides softness and freshness in the mouth. Its light aging in oak nuances its complexity, making it a high-altitude wine.

    A Versatile wine that pairs with a multitude of dishes: cheeses, sausages, grilled meats and vegetables, legumes, rices, etc.

  • 17,90 

    Garnacha de Relieve – Parcel red wine of 12 months of aging in barrels.

    Selecting the best grapes from our most emblematic plot, we make our top-of-the-range red wine. When perfect maturation is achieved accompanied by aging in large barrels to refine the tannins of the wine, without masking its fruit load, you can only achieve something unique.

    An ideal wine to pair elaborate meals such as roasts meats and stews.

  • 11,90 

    PinK-3 – Rosé Wine

    Its pale raspberry colour anticipates its freshness, lightness and elegance, combining aromas and flavours of red fruits and wild flowers. A perfect acidity to drink at any time and accompany it with any dish.

    A perfect acidity to drink at any time and pair it with any light dish: fish, pasta, poultry, starters, etc.

  • 21,90 

    Flytrap – Sweet red wine

    A sweet wine inspired by the tradition of artisan sweet wines that were made in the past in Cadalso de los Vidrios. Sweet, but not cloying, along with a balanced acidity that pairs perfectly with both sweet and savory dishes.

  • 13,90 

    KDLSO– Artisan Vermouth

    A different vermouth, because unlike others, ours is based on a red Garnacha wine that provides it with great complexity and structure. Natural botanicals and citrus along with just the right amount of brown sugar provide a perfect balance.

    The perfect match to the aperitives.

  • Out of Stock

    Pet-Nat – Natural sparkling wine

    It is a sparkling, fresh, surprising and funny rosé wine in which the expression of the terroir is maximum. A natural wine, without filtering, nor adding replacement liquor or sulphites when disgorgement.

    Perfect to celebrate and toasting.

  • Large Formats – Magums (1.5 litres), Double Magnums (3 litres), Mathusalem (6 litres)……even the imposing Primatos (27 litres).

    If you are interested in enjoying our wines in these interesting formats, contact us and we will advise you on which one is best for you. Also keep in mind that as it is such a unique product, its production is very limited

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